Paper Plate Fruit Life Cycles

Now that your child has successfully mastered the parts of fruit, inshaAllah, it's time to explore plant growth. This is a great craft that most likely won't require an extra trip to the store. Hurray!

We chose to study the life cycle of a fig since this is another fall fruit that is directly mentioned in the Qur'an. The fig or At-Tin, is also the name of surah 95.

By the fig and the olive [Qur'an 95:1]

Just as I mentioned in my previous post (Fall Fruit Dissection), this activity will work with virtually any fall fruit. The basic framework for new fruit growth is the same, regardless of the kind of fruit.

  1. Seeds from the fruit are planted or fall to the ground
  2. When the proper requirements are met, the seed sprouts
  3. The sprout develops into a mature plant (tree, vine, etc.)
  4. The plant flowers
  5. The flower develops into fruit
  6. The cycle repeats

Let's get started! Grab a paper plate, construction paper, crayons/markers, glue, and a pair of scissors. Start by designing the plate as your fruit of choice. We colored ours purple (green would do, as well!) and glued a stem made from construction paper to the top of the plate. LaylahsClassroom Next, cut-out five small squares from a sheet of white construction paper. Label each square with a stage of the life cycle: seed, sprout, tree, flower, fruit. LaylahsClassroom Have your child draw their representation of each stage. LaylahsClassroom Paste each stage to the paper plate in the correct order. Add arrows, title, and DONE. LaylahsClassroom For extra reinforcement, you can download our FREE Fig Life Cycle Cut & Paste worksheet with answer key below!

Free Fig Life Cycle Cut & Paste

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