What’s Missing from your Islamic Homeschool that will make it Easier


o you agree with me when I say homeschooling is tough? It's a daily challenge. If you're just considering it, where to begin is overwhelming. If you're just starting, how to begin is overwhelming. If you've been homeschooling for some time now, how to proceed (and find the determination to do so!)—each week, month, year—is always overwhelming.

Homeschooling is full of ups and downs, and those moments you feel, I've got this thing down, are rare. It doesn’t have to be this demanding, and I’ll tell you how to achieve a peaceful, enjoyable, and successful relationship with homeschooling below.

Information OVERLOAD.

Let’s talk about how there are too many resources on the internet, and not enough time to sort through them all. Seriously—it's easy to lose focus in the sea of useless information. It's difficult to determine what's credible and what you shouldn't rely on. It's also impossible to find one source that meets all of your standards and needs.

“Loneliness is the ally of sorrow…”.

Homeschooling can also be really lonely. I mean think about it—you’re alone the majority of the time. Teaching alone. Pioneering new material and experiences alone. Overcoming hurdles alone. Celebrating small wins alone. You’re also alone in your thoughts, which doesn’t help with the feelings of inadequacy that often plague you. Though you know in your heart homeschooling is the best option for your family, there's still constant doubt that you're capable and qualified to be responsible for your children’s education. It’s far from easy. And when it's rough, it's really rough. It makes you question whether you should continue. It makes you feel like throwing in the towel and just giving up already.

Especially during those bad days when you can't get your children to focus or show an ounce of interest in what you have prepared.

Especially when you're desperately trying to juggle multiple roles, and keep your household in order.

Especially when you're feeling burned-out tending to everyone but yourself.

Don’t waste another precious minute.

You've probably tried it all. Spending countless hours searching hard for Islamic teaching aids, only to be disappointed as they are scarce. Settling for the like, only to feel like something is missing from your resources. Seeking out a strong Muslim support system, only to find these networks are few and far between, or small in number.

Every minute spent hopelessly searching for support, sifting through resources that don't reflect your values and beliefs, wallowing in self-doubt and concerns is a minute stolen from your child. It's time wasted that could have been spent developing your child's character. Nurturing their interests and passions. Shaping them into the productive, pious Muslims you envision they will become InshaAllah.

I refuse to let the hassles of homeschooling defeat me, and you should too.

When my daughter, Laylah, was born, my husband and I decided I would educate her at home. I didn't want her distracted by the fitna of public and private schools, and I didn't want to hinder her growth and creativity by enrolling her into the traditional, one-size-fits-all, school system. I want to foster her strengths and interests, and instill in her a deep love of deen.

I want to teach and raise her upon the core values and beliefs that make us Muslims. After all, Islam is a lifestyle and should be a part of everything we do. The thought of being held accountable for my child's education was scary. I felt insufficient.

I wondered whether my instruction would limit her potential.  I also have a household to manage. How will I fit teaching into an already hectic schedule? How will I balance everything while managing to take care of my own well-being?

Regardless, I was sure homeschooling was the right path for our growing family. I did endless amounts of research for curriculum, educational resources, and advice for beginners. It’s utterly time-consuming. There isn't enough guidance for Muslim homeschoolers, at any stage, and it's exhausting figuring things out on my own. My greatest sense of relief came when I joined my first Muslim homeschoolers group.

They gave me the hope, confidence, and belonging I needed to continue on our journey. And it was through this networking, support, and sharing of appropriate information and resources that many of these women, much further along in their journey, had already graduated their children and were sending them off to college.

Yes, you heard that right the first time! What an amazing accomplishment MashaAllah! Can you imagine the feeling?

I mean really picture it. The pure joy, gratitude, and achievement you would feel.

Relief is closer than you think.

This accomplishment will be yours too with the proper resources, support, and knowledge InshaAllah. We, at Laylah's Classroom, have decided to compile the best of all three, while removing all the work from you, in the first-ever Islamic Homeschool Convention being held online March 18, 2017 from 10:00am – 3:30pm ET. Why waste any more of your valuable time scouring when everything you need is right in the comfort of your own home, just a mouse-click away. Literally—you don't even need to change out of your P.J.'s! Prepare for guidance, encouragement, and a wealth of knowledge from our professional speakers. Our powerful line-up (detailed below) will leave you well-informed, motivated, and confident in your abilities.

  • “Raising Independent Learners and Thinkers: The Key to Future Success” by Dr. Gemma Elizabeth
  • “Productivity and Self-Development for the Busy Mommy” by Fatima Hachem
  • “Answering the Call: Our Purpose” by Ameera Rahim
  • “The Importance of Prioritizing your Health as a Homeschooling Parent” by Nazima Qureshi
  • “Inspired by Muhammad (saw): Prophetic Methods of Teaching and Correcting your Children” by Asmaa Hussein
  • “Paving the Way to Successfully Graduating your Homeschooler” by Shannen Espelien
  • “5 Steps to Confidently Homeschool & Overcome Fears of Failure” by Megan Wyatt

All of our speakers share the same Islamic beliefs and will be able to directly address your concerns during scheduled Q&A sessions. Check out more about our speakers here. Our make-and-take DIY Islamic inspired textiles project by Evangeline Do will leave you relaxed as you take a much needed mental break. It's also one less “rainy-day activity” you have to invent for the kids. Our chat box enables you to network with other Muslim homeschoolers around the globe.

As you share your victories and hardships with each other, you will quickly realize you’re not alone! We know high-quality toys and educational Islamic material are hard to come by so we’ve assembled a virtual “goodie bag” full of special offers and digital products for you to use at home, in your homeschool, and for yourself.

The old adage rings true, “It takes a village to raise a child”.

So, join us for a morning, afternoon, or evening (depending on your time zone!) of inspiration, information, and unity. With unique topics in home education, health and wellness, and productivity and self-development there is something for everyone. Whether you are just considering homeschooling your child, or you are a seasoned pro, there is a place for you. For a minimal registration fee of $55, you'll receive the guidance and expertise from eight Muslimahs renowned in their field, and you'll connect with other like-minded homeschoolers forming your own support network. We can't even put a price tag on that! Not to mention, you'll leave with a virtual “goodie bag” full of Islamic resources valued above $100.

What have you got to lose?

Register for the convention, enjoy yourself as you network and learn with others just like you, and if you're not satisfied with the experience then just e-mail me within 14 days of the convention, and I'll give you all of your money back. I'm taking a risk by doing this. I can't make you give back the knowledge and connections you gained. You could technically just register, attend, and benefit from the convention, ask for a refund, and rip us off. I'm going to trust that you're not going to do that though!

AND as an added bonus you'll have lifetime access to the full replay of the convention. Valued at $55, this is yours for FREE.

Missed out on an important point? Not to worry! You can watch it back as many times as you please.

The road less traveled.

So you're at the point of decision. You can either continue on the path you have already been traveling, or you can choose a new road. The path you've already been traveling will probably result in you getting the same outcomes you've always received.

But if you want something different to happen, if you want to change the direction of your homeschooling journey, you're going to have to do something different. Are you ready to make a new choice, and pursue your new outcome? Click here to reserve your seat now. We hope to “see” you there InshaAllah! 🙂


P.S. The time is now. Suitable resources, guidance, and support for Muslim homeschoolers is sparse. You'll continue losing quality time with your children the longer you spend seeking it out. We aim to change that. We're providing the best of the above right at your fingertips. No hassle, no fuss. Click here to change the direction of your homeschooling journey for the better.


Wife and mother beginning the lifelong journey as a home educator. Lover of all things science, Umm Laylah has six years of combined undergraduate and graduate studies in the sciences with a specialized focus on veterinary medicine. She has over ten years of experience working in laboratories and veterinary hospitals with a strong background in scientific and technical writing. Umm Laylah enjoys reading, crafting, and quiet evenings with family.

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