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8 experts share what you must know to avoid the most dreadful muslim homeschooling mistakes.

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An Islamic homeschool should cultivate love of the deen and remembrance of Allah (SWT) while equiping our children with the tools to become   leaders of tomorrow. We cringe at the thought of one-size-fits-all learning in public school. With the help of Allah (SWT), our mission is to empower muslim parents to unlock their children’s potential through homeschooling.

Together, we can raise an Ummah of independent learners and thinkers, leading industries for a better world.

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Umm Laylah

Wife and mother beginning the lifelong journey as a home educator. Lover of all things science, Umm Laylah has six years of combined undergraduate and graduate studies in the sciences with a specialized focus on veterinary medicine. She has over ten years of experience working in laboratories and veterinary hospitals with a strong background in scientific and technical writing. Umm Laylah enjoys reading, crafting, and quiet evenings with family.

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