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Quick Guide to Begin Islamic Homeschooling

o you’ve decided to homeschool your children. Or maybe you’re still just considering it. You may be feeling overwhelmed at where and how to begin. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Below I’ve compiled and organized research on where to begin the process, as well as, some valuable links to Islamic educational resources you […]


What’s Missing from your Islamic Homeschool that will make it Easier

  o you agree with me when I say homeschooling is tough? It’s a daily challenge. If you’re just considering it, where to begin is overwhelming. If you’re just starting, how to begin is overwhelming. If you’ve been homeschooling for some time now, how to proceed (and find the determination to do so!)—each week, month, year—is always […]


It’s All Fun and Games until Someone Gets Hurt

While the extent of elementary homeschool lab may sometimes just be mixing vinegar and baking soda, it’s imperative to discuss lab safety procedures with your children. Many relatively safe substances and chemicals can become irritants of the skin, eyes, and nose when used in large quantities or improperly. When working hands-on, we also need to […]